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    Referral current clicksense

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    How to get referrals in Clixsense for free.
    Get many direct referrals in Clixsense and start earning money today!
    With the current Clixsense you will be able to get a good number of active refs Clixsense totally FREE .
    All you need is to invest 5 minutes a day .
    To understand the purpose of the current Clixsense is necessary to know how it works Clixsense .
    Clixsense is a PTC site (Paid To Click ) .
    This works when you register yourself ( the link below ) , logs in and clicks on ads thus is paid up to $ 0.02 per ad viewed and up to $ 0.01 per ad viewed by your refs .
    How many others have said , the greater becomes your profit .
    Anyone familiar with this type of system know that to make money from them , the most important thing to have , this is to be active , but the initial gains are quite discouraging to continue and our referrals , click to stop , start to discourage us .
    Comas chains, your referrals become much more active , because they know they will have repaid the activity they have , since the majority of inactive users of these systems directly entered without being referenced ( maybe you’re one of them ) .
    You would not leave if you saw your list of such assets and grow it?
    It is very important to have a good list of those who are active, if you have these or not , the assets are likely to end up becoming more a user inactive
    Therefore , the current Clixsense was created to join the chain, not only will you get a very large number , and free above, as they will also benefit from the new system they have referred , and best of all , is that all those mentioned gains through the chain will be fully active , because they will know for sure that they get referrals and their referrals in turn will also have the same assets as collateral , repeating the cycle .
    Just follow the instructions and start earning money with Clixsense .
    How does the current Clixsense ?
    The current Clixsense is based on the replication system , in this case , the duplication of the links Clixsense adding your link only once for the system, and promote it in brief , its link will be automatically duplicated several times.
    Who can participate in Autocadena – Clixsense ?
    All those who already belong to Clixsense and those who do not . And , thanks to the power of duplication , anyone who knows the current can join.
    To participate in the chain must save the full text of this post the following on your computer , after you have added your link .
    Then post it to :
    • Traffic Exchange sites (Traffic Exchange, as EasyHits4U )
    • Forums ,
    • Free Ads ,
    • Subscriptions to E- mail ,
    • YouTube (in relevant videos )
    and anywhere else that you remember .
    Thus , your affiliate link is promoted in current and receives many referrals for free.
    Difference between the current and a conventional chain Clixsense .
    In a conventional chain approval is required to participate and be sent to jail in itself , even if you have already registered in the program for which it was created.
    In addition, a conventional chain requires supervision of at least one person that, although initially non- problematic, as the current increases, reaches to a saturation point , it is very difficult for the supervisor to manage and control they said , and so , as it has to deal with a high traffic incoming mail , because new users of the chain would have to send the affiliate link to the supervisor by e – mail , then the supervisor should send the link to rotation so as to obtain said
    Then the administrator would save links and then would give them new users in jail . Some users will even accuse them of misappropriating supervisors to forward these to others when it’s your turn to get these. Despite all this , these schemes are only really effective in achieving a limited number of references , hurting himself evildoer .
    In Current Clixsense , all this work is automatic and does not require supervision from anyone and also avoids the typical kinds of accusations of a conventional chain .
    Nor is it necessary to leave the Clixsense because this system is fully compatible with the users who are already members of Clixsense .
    Joining a chain will also attract any current to Clixsense quadrupling the system .
    As the current bases its operation on the power of duplication , the largest number of participants achieve higher levels doubling our link , reaching more people than those who may already be registered in Clixsense and many others that have not even heard of Clixsense , these are the ones that will become your referral and end the cycle of your link .
    Remember that the current bases its operation on duplicate links , do not get referrals from yesterday to today , if you follow the rules of the current Clixsense , you may not receive referrals today , tomorrow or the next day , but as the links are added , your link will reach the turn in the rotation and finally get your referrals massively.
    Please follow the rules of the current , do not try to cheat to get those tomorrow , you’re only hurting yourself and everyone. Surely tomorrow will have some references to cheat , but it will be infinitely less than if you had waited his turn .
    To join the current follow these steps :
    STEP 1. Copy all text quite complete current Clixsense not change anything for the current to be effective , everyone should read the whole text , and save it on your laptop or computer . ( Later you will need it ) .
    STEP 2 .
    In the list you see below this paragraph simply click the link that is in the highest position ( if the link does not work please copy the link and paste it into your browser bar ) and join Clixsense
    If you already have an account Clixsense this step is not necessary ( skip to step 3 ) .
    Once logged in Clixsense locate your affiliate link for future reference .
    Position 1.
    Position 2.
    Position 3.
    Position 4.
    Position 5 .
    Position 6 .
    STEP 3 . Open Notepad with any message and delete the link number 1, then passes the connection number 2 to position 1 , the number 3 link to the number 2 , number 4 link the number 3 , the position of the link number 5 the number 4 and the number of connection 6 to # 5.
    Thus , the connection that was present when you saw and joined Clixsense , who was the first at position 1 disappeared by now have received the new that you , and vacated the position number 6 where you can now add the their link in this position, the current number 6 . ( Do not forget to add the http:// before your link ) .
    IMPORTANT NOTE : A new chain was launched , their positions are not occupied , sign up using the link in the highest position and add your link in the lower position (number 6 ) passing the previous why you joined , for cima.No case that your entry fills all positions , delete this note, the cycle was completed and the following messages should not be sent with this note .
    STEP 4 . Since this is where the real power of Chains begins :
    Post this message , or that contains a link if you have a blog on online forums , bulletin boards , chat rooms ( chat ) , debates , discussion groups , online communities , everything that serves to spread the message.
    Send the message to all without changing anything , except , of course , your link at number 6 . Do not write everything by hand , would spend hours writing , copying the content to notepad PC and paste it on all these sites . Studies of this system are estimated at 200 lists , my advice is to put several of these ads everywhere in the early days and then go for one, two or three sites , but every day , so your referrals chicken starts to grow every day .
    Also, you can send to your contacts and friends , but do not spam , is annoying and a crime . It is considered spam to send these messages to recipients whose e – mail you sent , in one way or another , they did not ask for information on the subject .
    It is proved that for every 200 people who see this kind of posting , at least 15 will enroll. These 15 new users like your doubling your link.
    Please note that this is an estimate .
    In 200 listings you send to 15 people join … :
    1. 15 ( 1 ) = 15 people = Your link is duplicated 15 times .
    2 . 15 ( 15 ) = 225 people = Your link is duplicated 225 times .
    3 . 15 ( 225 ) = 3375 people = Your link is duplicated 3375 times .
    4 . 15 ( 3375 ) = 50,625 people = Your link is replicated 50,625 times .
    5 . 15 (50625) = 759375 people = your link doubles 759 375 times .
    Realistically , you will not reach the end of its cycle of 759 375 references , this is totally impossible, but suppose you get 100 referrals (a number for the ridiculous level of duplication of your links ) . It was worth losing 5 minutes a day ?
    How much can you win?
    Assuming we win these 100 references in a program and the program pays $ 0.01 cents per click :
    $ 0.04 for your daily clicks .
    $ 4 per day for the clicks of your referrals .
    $ 0.04 x 30 days = $ 1.2
    € 4 x 30 = $ 120
    What makes a total of $ 121.2 monthly by PTC or PTR .
    Do not limit yourself to just one chain, if you join several others to think about how much you can earn per month for those five minutes per day . The double, triple ? Everything depends on you .
    Although there were only 10 such made by PTC and earn $ 12 per month for PTC or PTR and you will see it was worth participating .

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