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    Result of My Long Term PTC experience



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    Result of My Long Term PTC experience

    Post  trustedptc on Mon Dec 14, 2015 4:27 am

    affraid I have been trying with a lot of ptc sites over two years. I have seen that the most trusted ptc of today may gone inactive a days later.
    But, if you can identify stable and paying site where new users can earn, you really can make profit.
    I research on many sites and make a list of good sites. Here I have listed you may like those-


    (I am not allowed now to put link here just use dot=. to get access on the site)
    The website I have mentioned holds other ads also. You just need to chose 125*125 banners. Those are real pts. The others are also earning sites, not ptc.

    All you need to chose the right one to get success.

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