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    Rules and regulation



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    Rules and regulation

    Post  admin on Fri Dec 23, 2011 10:54 pm

    Post one site per thread.

    Give the title of your post related to the site.

    Don't join under others before making an agreement.

    No Adult Images. (porn, gross content, etc...)
    No Flaming Or Bashing Other Users
    Don't spam your referrals links in 100 different posts.
    Don't hijack someones thread. Make your own.
    Only create one thread for each of your referral links.

    Post the referral link(s) you want other users to join and the website(s) you want to join. If it doesn't matter what website you join, ask to be PM'ed with a list of referral links.
    To answer someones thread, reply with your referral link to the site they want to join.



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