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    PTCMachine Advertisement/Member Search!

    Post  PTCMachine on Sat Apr 26, 2014 7:56 pm

    Ptc Machine is a new and viral website. We get approximately 48,796 visitors per week; which translates to 200,000 unique visits every month. Which means that an estimated 7,000 potential users and clients will view your advertisement everyday.

    What Is PTC Machine?

    PTC Machine is a downline builder for members to build their lists and referrals. We pride ourselves on building the referrals of our members via promotional pages they create themselves and send viral with high quality traffic. PTC Machine has an abundant list of features for advertisers such as yourself; including geo targeting, click tracking and banner rotations.

    We offer some of the lowest prices compared to all of our competitors:

    100,000 Impressions-$3.25
    500,000 Impressions-$10.00
    1,000,000 Impressions-$15.99
    2,200,000 Impressions-$30.00
    5,200,000 Impressions-$60.00

    We have dozens of clients who have faith in our services and are week after week receiving new members and sales, as an example of PTC Machines power; one of our advertisements this week alone reached 3,540 clicks. In my eyes this is a no-brainer on your part because you’re paying rock bottom prices for top quality advertising.

    It just takes minutes to organize the future of your business.

    Yours Sincerly,
    PTC Machine

    Step One - Register
    PTC Machine
    Step Two - Purchase From website.

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