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    Post  xavi18 on Wed Aug 06, 2014 9:40 am

    Hey friends! It’s been ages since I am looking for a web where I can get some extra money, and I found it! After years of experience, I found this ptc, one of the best I tried. They pay really well, and I only invest few minutes everyday, and if you get some referrals, you can earn a lot! You also can add this ptc in

    With only two referrals you double the amount of money, with 4 you get x3, with 10 you get x5… It’s awesome!

    - minimum payout at $1 via PayPal if you are a free member
    - you earn more than $0.02 (maximum of $0.20) each clic without referrals (more with referrals)
    - you can advertise from $0.01
    - the cheapest ptc I tried and very cheap to upgrade and earn even more!

    Sure, you have to try it, I did and that’s my best decision ever! I got paid twice, and still working on it! I leave the PTC link and you can register here:!!

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