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    Paying up to 45$ for 2 quick task



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    Paying up to 45$ for 2 quick task

    Post  youngyayo on Wed Jan 29, 2014 12:44 am

    You must live in the United States, Canada, United Kingdom or Australia.
    If you sign up post your email here that you signed up with.
    Both of these task require a debit card to complete, it is possible to complete both of these task for around 3-4$.
    You have to sign up for trial offer(s) in order to "complete" your sign up, there are offers like Gamefly, Godaddy, Freecreditscore, etc.
    Your information is secure you are not giving me or instant rewards your card information.
    You will be completing the offer on the actual company website of whatever offer you choose to complete.
    You have to reach a 1.0 offer credit only one time, some offers are free and offer a full 1.0 credit.
    Watch the video it explains this a little better.
    You cannot sign up for a trial and instantly cancel, Instant rewards monitors this and will revoke any offer credit given.
    Make sure to read when to cancel the offers before you complete them! If you are unsure ask me.
    Do any offers from google chrome or firefox to prevent offer crediting delays.
    This short video explains this in more detail.

    Do not attempt to register with fraudulent information, they verify all referrals information. My my payment will be denied you will be banned from Instant rewards permanently.

    This happened on 1-29-14

    Task 1.

    This task pays me 20$ paypal when you complete it.
    I will pay you half of this if you complete your sign up.
    It is possible for this task to be completed without spending a single penny!
    Sign up complete "one" offer, there are alot of very cheap offers to available, some are free. Choose one that gives a full 1.0 offer credit.

    Task 2.
    This task pays me 70$ when you complete it, I will also be paying you half for this as well! Complete both task and you make 45$
    This level will require about 3-5 offers to be completed alot of them will be free or 1$. You can complete this for about 3-4$.

    You will be paid out of the payment that I receive from Instant Rewards. I will deduct your payment from the $ that I receive from instant rewards, as soon as they pay me I will pay you.
    Instant Rewards pays out daily and multiple times a day within 6-12 hours of referral completion.

    These are the offers I completed to qualify for payments!

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